– Two post front curved rack

– Remarkable stability

– Great for players who do not want to invest in a complete rack set up but want to mount a few things over the bass drum

– Modular system that can be easily expanded to accommodate larger configurations

– Minimize set up time

– Maximize floor space

– Can be used as front rack over the bass drum, or as a side rack

– Pair with cymbal stands or GRS125C curved side extension, to create a two or three-sided rack

– Parts Included:
(1) SC-GPR40C 40 inch curved horizontal bar
(2) SC-GRSMC Multi Clamps
(2) SC-GPR30 30 inch vertical bars
(4) SC-GPRML Memory Locks
(2) SC-GRSTLA T-leg clamps
(2) SC-GRSRA Right Angle Clamps